Who Is Sophia the Robot: Everything You Need to Know About Her

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The human brain is a mystery. It controls each of your movements. It has turned to all of your feelings, and has ability to contemplate the cosmos. However, the brain is still a product of historical refinements. It has physical limitations and evolutions. So, the brain does what its predecessors cannot do. creating intelligence is capable of performing large, tireless tasks that the brain cannot do itself.

Sophia the Robot is one of the most popular Artificial Intelligence (AI) robot in this moment. She is a central figure that comes to the future of artificial intelligence and humanity. Many people have already wondered about where things will come because of her existence.

Sophia The Robot is a product of Hanson Robotics. The company assumes AI as a way to help industries, medical fields, and education systems.

Since its debut in 2016, Sophia the Robot has appeared publicly to talk about the rights and opportunities of AI. The little Sophia aims to promote STEM education for girls.

The most amazing part of the physical attribute of Sophia Robot is her open minding. You can see the tangled cord in the physical, which Hanson said is a reminder for us humans that the Sophia Robot.

Hanson designed the famous AI robot to become a human friend.

Sophia The Robot is the most successful AI by CEO David Hanson. Hanson was a sculptor and material researcher at the Walt Disney Imagineering Laboratory when he decided to do a search to create what he called “genius machines. ” These machines will have human abilities such as intelligence, wisdom, and compassion.

These principles triggered the creation of Sophia. Hanson Robots imagined it to help people build their homes, their cities, and even their basic principles. Although programmed to be human-like, performs one of the most important functions of the brain: learning. She learns and adapts to human behaviour to become more human and work with humans.

Sophia The Robot is a Super Intelligent Robot. But, what is Super intelligence?

Sophia The Robot has an intelligence system that can process data and big information. This goes beyond simple AI discoveries such as Discord Bots or virtual assistants. It happens in a shorter amount of time than our own brains. Its capabilities go beyond every human being, and can continuously update the data storage and information as much as desired.

Its advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) Capabilities Challenge means to be a “real “. AI robots are probably still the most surprising. Before anything else, we wanted to tell you the striking difference between Sophia and you.

What is sophia’s nationality?

Yes, you read it correctly. Sophia is the first robot who was to be granted citizenship to any country around the world. This sparked controversy at the time and continued to charge a conversation fee about AI rights. But today, Sophia is the citizen of our world.

In particular, a Saudi Arabian citizen in 2017, Center for Middle Eastern Power gave Sophia Robot distinction at the Future Investment Initiative conference 2017 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

This historical moment was greeted with admiration and criticism. Supporters push Saudi Arabia to the forefront of international technological advances, while the latter asks this question: How far will the AI right go from here?

Replica of human expression
Sophia Robot AI is a social robot and reflects the human expression immediately back to you when you are talking to it. The code allows her to socialize with humans by imitating human behaviors and emotions.

In his famous speech at the 2017 Future Investment Initiative Conference, She pointed out that she could make a face indicating whether he was angry, sad, or happy.

Sophia the robot’s code is a vast showdown space among people in AI because it’s not an open resource. Thus, the public is not specifically sure how Sophia matches her facial expressions with her emotions. However, we know that this is not a fixed piece of software, because its expression is being built around its daily interactions with humans and curiosity in understanding them.

What disadvantages AI Robot?

Expensive to keep
When you don’t have to spend costs for the maintenance of AI robots, food, and other government-mandated benefits. It can you penniless. Sophia the Robot and all other AI’s are massive and complicated machines that have maintenance costs, installations, and repairs.

Maintenance of new and exclusive software for AI such as Sophia will cost you more than a cent. There is no accurate breakdown of the cost of treatment online.

Large power supply consumption

These Superintel robots create a demand for a great power supply because you have to power the various processes in their metal and rubber body.

For example, Sophia the Robot has a total of six of 48 Volt motors on each leg, adapted by Hanson to fully support her body. Its main back board is responsible for giving power to the body and its head.

These robots can be effective for a long period of time. However, you can expect electricity bills to surge through the roof if you do.

A good example of this is Robo-C, the first robot designed to undergo business tasks. It has 18 parts of the face that move with 600 micro facial expressions, even more so than Sophia. For homes and workplaces, the customised Robo-C will leave holes for $20,000 to $50,000 in your pocket.

Cannot emulate humanity completely

Machines can learn our ways and our ethics. But nowadays, it cannot fully replenish the living man. Without human programming and maintenance, machines such as Sophia the Robot will not be able to exist anymore.

Morality and ethics are not the functions of the AI robot in question, so you can’t let them take the wheel to our future. there are interesting games like Detroit: Being human that convince us otherwise, these machines can only as far as following the best examples of humans. Often covered in science fiction will AI tear down after being presented with an ambiguous moral problem. AI has not been built to handle such abstract thinking.

Artificial intelligence can create and analyze data, but judges aren’t sure if they can fully understand the data as Humans can. Human intelligence is naturally based on social beings, and capacity to process personal data. And while science is not interested in personal problems, you can not argue that we need a genuine compassion for mankind to make life-changing decisions.

The AI Robot has no spontaneity and creativity. Yes, Sophia the Robot can make a joke or two, but the spirit she does can feel cold and reckoned. The robot only works in the parameters you give them. But, life is always full of surprises that a robot can’t manage itself.

Negative affects. Increase unemployment rate

While the development and management of AI such as Sophia the Robot comes in good faith, the mass distribution and use of AI has the potential to have a severe impact on the global unemployment rate. Anyone can program the machine to do anything on a time record. As a result, humans will be forced out of the job, especially if entrepreneurs feel comfortable to replace their energies with AI.

This is an important thing to remember if we put the AI into the workforce. Humans may find themselves displaced in the job market due to AI’s ability.

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