Tips on how to change printer from offline to online

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change printer offline

hello today we share tips on how to change printer from offline to online in windows 10 and mac. how to change its status to online manually. To be able to change it, you can access it through the control panel. In different versions of windows, the location of the printer offline / online status on the control panel is also different. Here’s how to change the status of an offline printer to online, on some versions of Windows. here are tips on how to fix offline printers in Windows and macintosh

change printer offline

change printer from offline to online in windows 10

Printer is offline how to fix For windows

for window 10, 8, 7

  • Click Win + I on your keyboard, then open the Settings > Devices and Printer
  • Click Printers and Scanners
  • If the Printer is offline, then the status that appears is “Offline“. If the Printer is online, then the status that appears is “Ready“.
  • Right-click on Printer, then select ‘See what’s printing
  • Once it will reappear several options, double click on the same option: ‘See what’s printing
  • Click the ‘Printer’ tab in the dialog box that appears then uncheck the ‘Use Printer Offline‘ option

Printer is offline For windows Xp, Vista

  • Click Start > Printer and Fax
  • Click Printers.
  • Right-click on Printer, then uncheck the ‘Use Printer Offline‘ option
  • The printer status will also change after you change the printer status to online.

Printer is offline how to fix for Mac

Sometimes you might find problems not printing on your Mac, because the printer went offline or the printer didn’t respond to print commands. Here are the steps to fix Printer is offline error on Mac.

  • Click on the Apple Menu icon and click System Preferences.
  • On the System Preferences screen, click Printers and Scanners.
  • On the next screen, right-click on Offline printers and click the Reset Printing System option in the contextual menu.
  • On the pop-up, click Reset to confirm.

Note: You may be prompted to enter your Admin User ID and Password.

After the Printing System Is Reset, Add Printer again and try to print something.

Solving Hardware/ Software Problems

Make sure the cable is in good condition, and inst all it properly

when your printer won’t print, make sure it’s turned on and check the printer cable. Improper installation can also cause similar things. Therefore make sure the cable you installed is in good condition and installed correctly.

Cleaning the paper that concerns

if when you are going to do printing using the printer, then a notification / warning appears Paper Jam, it means there is paper or other objects related to the printer. therefore you need to disassemble the printer to clean the paper that concerns it.

Add paper to the printer

Paper addition is required when an out of paper warning appears. Because it means that the paper in the paper storage on the printer has been used up.

Re-fill printer ink

Just like running out of paper, depleted printer ink will also cause the printer to go offline. Because how can print, when the ink runs out.

Update/ reinstall the printer driver

As I also mentioned above, make sure the printer driver is installed. Then check if the printer needs a diver update. If the problem turns out to be caused by a printer driver that is corrupted.

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