The Reasons You Should Choose the Monoprice Select Mini V2

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Whenever you need a 3D printer, you will face a lot of choices out there. But, if we are talking about the best one, the Monoprice 3D printer is one of the best choices. Among all products from this brand, there is one that we consider as the most versatile choice, which is the 3d printer monoprice select mini v2. This printer can do almost anything. Here, we will show you that.

The Reasons You Should Choose the Monoprice Select Mini V2

Monoprice MP i3 3D Printer

Fully Insulated Bed

The print bed is one of the essential parts of a 3D printer. By adding good insulation on this part, it won’t only provide good support for the 3D printing process. It also prevents damage to the printed object in the middle of the printing process and when you remove it after this printer finishes its printing process. Moreover, the insulation technology on the print bed of this product is also much better than other 3D printers.

Double Fan

You also can find two cooling fans inside this 3D printer, which is in the mainboard and extruder area. The two cooling fans provide a better temperature regulation function. You can easily control how high the heat you want to put on the filament. It monoprice select mini 3d printer v2 also affects the result and accuracy of the result. This clever design makes then become one of the best products in its class. 

Better Control Screen

Compared to the previous series, this product also has better control screen quality. It is 3.7 inches with a colored display. You can easily operate all kinds of features and functions on this screen comfortably.


This printer also has a better connectivity feature. You can use your MicroSD card directly to print your design. Or, you can connect it to Wi-Fi to get the model from the internet. If you work on the computer, it also has a port to connect these two devices and print it directly from your computer.

High Durability

This printer also has high durability, thanks to the best quality material to build its parts. It is not only impact-resistant, but it also can last longer than a similar 3D printer. So, you don’t have to change too often and save more money with that.


Those are only a few benefits you can find on 3d printer monoprice select mini v2. It has many other amazing features. To find and enjoy them, you need to get it. Guaranteed, you won’t be disappointed.

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