How to Android File Transfer for Windows and Mac

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Android file transfer can be used for windows and Mac, Android users who want the free option to manage their files, back them up, and restore them as necessary want to use Android Transfer for Windows for trial.

The program works with Android smartphones and tablets and with almost any brand, although there seem to be one or two exceptions out there.

The approach android transfer for Windows uses is convenient and accessible.

It determines the space on your PC storage options set like your phone, with Apps, Contacts, SMS, Music, Photos, Videos, Books, and so on. It also shows how much space you have on your phone or tablet and how much is available in storage so you can make easier decisions.

How to Android File Transfer for Windows and Mac?

Android file transfer for windows

Support For windows 10, 8. 7, Xp, Vista.

Android file transfer for windows

  • First download and install AirDroid
  • then click on tetheringAndroid file transfer for windows 10
  • after that will pop up , which contains 2 options .klik enable on “Set up portable hotspot”
    Set up portable hotspot for file transfer android
  • then a new look will appear as shown below. indicates that the Tethering hotspot is in active mode.
  • next step , Connect the PC to “AirDroid AP”.
    set up windows for aplikasi AirDroid AP
  • after the connect, Open the browser that is on the PC , type the address that appears in the browser , the address is ip / number as shown below.

Android file transfer windows usb

how to use usb cable for android file transfer to windows is very easy.
Android file transfer windows usb
The first time you connect your Android device to your PC, you’ll see an Allow access notification. Tap Allow to continue, then drag the notification shadow down. Find the USB file transfer turned on and tap this to see the full preferences. Make sure that you select Transfer files so that your devices can see each other.

Next, turn your attention to your Windows computer. Open File Explorer and locate your Android device on this PC. You can identify it by its model name. When connected, you’ll be able to browse the contents of your phone and copy data to your PC.

Note that if you connect this device for the first time, Windows will try to install the relevant drivers first. Your phone can also install the Android file manager for your PC via USB, to open whenever the phone is connected.

Android file transfer for Mac

Browse and transfer files between your Mac computer and Android device.


  • How to use it
  • Download the app.
  • Open AndroidFileTransfer.dmg .
  • Drag The Android File Transfer to the App.
  • Use the USB cable that came with your Android device and connect it to your Mac.
  • Double-click Android File Transfer.

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