Panasonic’s compact, HDR-enabled VR goggles really look cool

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Home VR will be mainstream this decade, and personally I can’t wait. If you haven’t experienced the crazy abilities that this up-and-down technology has to fully immerse you in different times and places, you’re ready to receive a gift. And if the giant, thick face masks you see in today’s generation systems like the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift are a bit lethal, Panasonic’s got the antidote for you.

Panasonic's compact, HDR-enabled VR goggles really look cool

The specification of this VR prototype is a set of digital John Lennon glasses, with a blindfold and a solid frame arm pointing back to a set of earbuds. They look much smaller and impractical than you’re used to seeing, and they don’t require you to mess up your headband style, but they still provide UltraHD resolution (at least 4K), enough to eliminate ” gauze door effects that you can get on low-resolution glasses.

They are also, panasonic claims, “the world’s first High Dynamic Range-enabled VR goggles.” HDR (High Dynamic Range) in the sense of display is somewhat opposite to its meaning in photography. HDR photos tend to brighten shadows and darken highlights to give you plenty of detail in areas of a photo that usually explode or are too dark to see. But the HDR display, with content with bitrate and corresponding color space, can blacken your black skin and brighten your white color to give you a great contrast without losing detail in the light or dark parts.

These are just prototypes at the moment, but they also seem to be wireless, which is another thing that more or less has to happen before home VR takes off and becomes popular in our opinion – Oculus Quest wireless and pc-free is probably the closest thing on the market that is up and running at the moment.

Panasonic says it continues to develop this technology and other VR equipment to be ready when the ultra-fast 5G internet wave finally begins to break, unlocking the ability to stream large amounts of VR data from sports events, virtual vacation experiences, and more. forms of entertainment including games. It can’t happen fast enough for us.

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