Lenovo’s new super-fast gaming phone delivers a 20-MP pop-u selfie camera

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Lenovo’s new gaming mobile phone is the Legion Phone Duel, and also packs 5G technology in it. It’s also one of the first handsets to be announced with the flagship Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 Plus processor on board.

With a 6.65-inch AMOLED display, 2,340 x 1,080 pixels running at a 144 Hz refresh rate. This phone is built only for playing games on the go, and in particular game play in landscape mode, as you can know from a 20 MP selfie camera that pops up from the side of the handset (or the top, if you hold it in landscape mode).

The CPU Snapdragon 865 Plus, It is powered with 12 GB or 16 GB of RAM, 256 GB or 512 GB of internal storage, and the actual 5,000-mAh battery is divided into two 2,500-mAh parts. Lenovo claims that this mobile phone can keep the device cool during heavy gaming sessions (with the help of some liquid cooling technology), and its fast 90-W charging you can switch from zero to 100 percent of battery power in just 30 minutes (as long as you’re using both available USB-C charging ports at once).

And you don’t have to rely on battery power as well: with the power cord connected to the bottom of the phone while in landscape mode (on the opposite side of the selfie camera), you can continue playing the game while charging. Meanwhile, the front-facing dual speakers ensure that the audio of your game has a lot of durability.

The Look and design are important in the hectic mobile gaming market, and Lenovo doesn’t disappoint here. Phone Duel Legion is striking and interesting match, with programmable RGB lighting on the back, and red or blue color scheme options. The phone tipped the scales at 239 g (8.43 oz) and was moderately slim 9.9 mm (0.38 in) at the thickest point.

Rear camera resolutions are a 64-MP main camera and a 16-MP ultra-wide camera. It makes you have time to take photos while playing games, and the handset also comes with 6 Wi-Fi support and dual-SIM capability. No wireless charging, and no headphone jack.

Software has always been an important consideration for mobile gamers, and Lenovo makes it very easy for users to start streaming gameplay directly through YouTube or Twitch. Footage from the pop-up selfie camera can be swapped over the game footage, and you can also easily review the highlight clips that you’ve collected after the game session finishes. Meanwhile, four noise cancelling microphones ensure that your video game comments always come.

We’re not done yet. The phone also offers two ultrasonic trigger buttons at its corners for easier in-game controls, and Lenovo also promised a multitude of customization software to improve touch input responses and haptic feedback, as well as making it easy to connect keyboards, a mouse, and even external displays.

The feature list for the Lenovo Legion Mobile Duel is quite lengthy, and from the specs list at least. it looks like a handset that challenges the best gaming phone on the market. And of course, it has the fastest processor. Unfortunately, it is newly launched in China now, with an initial price of 41,500 Chinese yuan (about US $555). It is expected to reach Europe in time, but the current US release is not planned.

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