DJI’s New Commercial Drone is Their Most Advanced Platform Yet: the Matrice 300 RTK

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DJI’s New Commercial Drone is Their Most Advanced Platform Yet the Matrice 300 RTK

The new commercial Drone DJI announced this morning – and the Matrice 300 RTK (M300 RTK) is their most advanced platform. New ease of use, with a new set of security features, new data retrieval features, data analysis features, and greater power, M300 RTK sets new standards. The RTK M300 was released with the Zenmuse H20 Series, a multi-sensor hybrid camera – Adding a completely new set of capabilities to the platform.

DJI’s New Commercial Drone is Their Most Advanced Platform Yet the Matrice 300 RTK

“DJI engineered an all-in-one solution, this high-tech to expand possibilities and exploit unexplored work areas before, for air inspections and precise data collection missions, ” said the DJI product announcement.

“With the M300 RTK fly platform and H20 Zenmuse Camera series, we provide safer and smarter solutions for our corporate customers” said Christina Zhang, Senior Director, corporate strategy at DJI. “This solution sets an entirely new standard for industrial UAV solutions, improves operations significantly across public safety, law enforcement, energy, surveying and mapping as well as critical infrastructure inspections.”

“For our team working in the Oil & Gas industry, performance and safety are not an option. We can not compromise in our efforts to use the best and most efficient tools available, “said Adam Serblowski, leader of the robotics theme-robotics surveillance in the Shell ” DJI Matrice 300 RTK proved to be an ideal enhancement on the existing DJI product line, and it helped us to further enhance the benefits of our drone program. Our productive partnerships with DJI will continue to help improve safety in the world’s largest industries. “

The details of the M300 RTK features, are below: and from the sophisticated sensors to the safety features that set the new standard, the new DJI commercial drone is the company’s solution that changes the game.

The following is taken from the product announcement DJI:

Advanced intelligence For more efficient Data acquisition

Combined, the M300 RTK and Zenmuse H20 Series solutions offer users two clever ways to collect data:

Smart Pin & Track [5]: Intelligent functions that improve the synchronization of air intelligence in coordinated missions. This includes PinPoint, a function that allows the user to mark a subject of interest and directly share precise location data with the second operator or if it is necessary to send the team through DJI FlightHub; and Smart Track, which allows users to automatically detect and track moving objects, even at extreme distances, while syncing subject dynamic locations in real time.

Intelligent Inspection: A series of new features developed to optimize routine data collection missions such as power lines, trains and oil and gas inspections. It consists of a Live mission record to record automatic mission samples in real time; AI-Spot Check [6] which allows collecting data from exactly the same location each time, greatly improving the accuracy of the automated missions. Once the photo of the sample road inspection mission has been recorded, the operator can mark interesting subjects. During the next automatic flight mission, the AI algorithm performs a comparison between the marked subject and the current live view, thus correcting the orientation of the camera accordingly to provide accurate and consistent results; danWaypoints 2.0-A better mission planning system that offers up to 65,535 waypoints, while supporting a series of sequential actions, 3rd party content, and more.

Situational awareness of aviation levels

Inspired by today’s modern aircraft, the RTK M300 has a primary flight display (PFD) that combines flight data and real-time navigation into one integrated view. In addition to standard telemetry data such as elevation and speed, M300 RTK PFD provides bottleneck data to visualize nearby obstacles during the flight, allowing pilots to adjust flight trajectories if needed. This enhancement allows the user to track the aircraft while further increasing situational awareness of the pilot.

More power at your fingertips

New Djinew commercial drones for DJI commercial drone platforms and exclusive for the M300 RTK, are Advanced Dual Operator Mode-Multi-pilot control protocols that enable mission execution with enhanced security, reliability, and flexibility. M300 RTK, when controlled by two pilots, gives each pilot the same access to get priority flight control, the transfer is displayed by a series of icons in the DJI Smart Controller Enterprise. Now, if one pilot is compromised or the control loses its battery or connection, the other pilots gain full control over the RTK M300 and its content. In addition, while training new pilots, the main teacher/pilot can safely take over the control of the flight-if and whenever necessary.

Enhanced security and reliability

The RTK M300 comes with new and improved safety and reliability enhancements, including:

AES-256 encryption: For secure data transmission from & command uplink control and downlink video transmission.
AirSense (ADS-B Technology): To improve airspace security.
Anti-Collision Beacon: To improve aircraft visibility, especially in low light conditions.
IP45 Protection Rating & Automatic heating battery: For severe weather conditions (-20 to 50 ° C).
6 Directional Sensing and Positioning System: offers a maximum detection range of up to 40 m horizontally, with the option to adjust the Sensing behavior of the aircraft through DJI Pilot.

Like modern jetliners, M300 RTK offers integrated UAV Health Management (UHMS) system to optimize fleet maintenance. He recorded flight data during his entire lifecycle, and used the hardware and drone software systems to understand the performance of the current aircraft and determine when to be repaired. Taking advantage of this new system, users can obtain a brief overview of all important aircraft systems, manage firmware updates across the fleet, track pilot hours and review flight missions.

New commercial Drone DJIDJI Zenmuse H20 Series – All the sensors you need – in one

To conform to the new standards set by the M300 RTK, DJI has launched a new camera payload that radically improves mission efficiency. The H20 Zenmuse series offers DJI’s first Hybrid multi-sensor solution, allowing to capture any type of image for industrial applications and public safety missions where efficient time management and direct access to various layers of vision are crucial. The H20 series has a IP44 value that protects the enclosure from splashing water from all directions.

The H20 series comes in two versions: The H20, a tripled sensor with a 20MP, 23x Hybrid Optical Zoom Camera, a 12MP Wide Camera, and a Laser Range Finder that covers a 3m-1200m distance; And H20T, the Quad sensor that adds the radiometric 640 × 512 Thermal camera, allows the operator to see what is invisible to the human eye thanks to the high thermal sensitivity of the video definition of 30 fps.

Unified user interface for seamless interaction

To allow pilots to operate so many sensors at once, the accompanying interface of DJI Pilot applications must be fully rethought. In just a few taps, the new user interface allows the pilot to quickly switch between cameras and simplify the process of zooming in and out by letting pilots browse the FOV zoom above wide-angle or thermal camera recordings.

Maximum flexibility with quick capture Mode

Thanks to the built-in multi-sensor design of the UI, it allows users to seamlessly switch between wide, zoom or thermal cameras. In addition, this includes features for maximum flexibility when used on mission sensitive time. High-grid photos capture in a snap of a detailed picture of the specified subject with the help of a dedicated grid. The images can be saved for a detailed check later.

One-click Capture: Capture video or photos of up to three cameras simultaneously without having to manually move between camera views or repeat a mission.

Night view: Get clearer visibility when lighting conditions are not optimal.

Pricing and Availability
M300 RTK and Zenmuse H20 series are available for pre-order from authorized DJI Enterprise dealers and will begin shipped in Q2 2020. Price details and information on where to purchase will be available at the local DJI company partner.

DJI Enterprise Dealer Map:

Join the DJI Webinar on May 14 to learn more about the key features and new apps that are now possible for the public security and energy industry. Click here to register.

[1] Actual flight times may vary due to environmental and payload configurations.

[2] Each RC supports two streams. Triple Stream channeling is only supported with dual RC.

[3] subject to the charge mounted on the drone

[4] unobstructed, free from interference, when fulfilling the FCC. The maximum flight coverage specification is a proxy for radio link strength and durability. Always fly your drone in visual lines unless allowed otherwise.

[5] This feature is only supported when the aircraft is paired with a Zenmuse H20 Series payload.

[6] This feature is only supported when the aircraft is paired with a Zenmuse H20 Series payload.DJI’s New Commercial Drone is Their Most Advanced Platform Yet the Matrice 300 RTK

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