iOS 14 : Next-generation Apple iOS operating system

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iOS 14

Apple is working on the next update for iOS and iPadOS operating systems running on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch at its headquarters in Cupertino, California.

We still have a time for months of iOS 14, but the initial test version of the software is leaked, giving us some ideas on what to expect from the update. There are still features and functions because we don’t know, because iOS updates often include hundreds of tweaks and new features, but some key features are launched.

iOS 14

Apple is said to focus on performance and quality in iOS 14 due to the many bugs in iOS 13, but there are still many new features in the work.

Apple, however, uses a new development process that checks how testing is performed. The test software will have shut down to disable the car feature by default, allowing Apple’s internal testers to selectively enable or disable the features that are being worked on to better focus on what needs to be improved.

The end result is that some of the features seen during the testing period (and in the leaked software) may not make it into the final version of iOS 14 and can be postponed, which is to keep in mind when reading rumors of iOS 14.

Below, we’ve outlined everything we know about iOS 14, and as we learn more about what’s in the software, we’ll periodically update this collection with more rumors and details about what to expect.

Front view
On Apple Watch, Apple allows all installed apps to be viewed in a list, and similar features can appear on Your iPhone in iOS 14.

This list will allow users to view all applications installed on the iPhone, possibly arranged alphabetically. Users are allegedly able to set view filters to view app categories such as recently used apps or apps with unread notifications.

iOS 14 can also offer home screen widget options, which allow freely-movable widgets such as app icons on the home screen. There is little detail available on this feature at this time, but the code in iOS 14 shows that it differs from the widget options available in the Today section of the Notification center when swiping to the right.

Apps and Tweak new apps
Fitness apps
Apple is working on a fitness app for iPhone, Apple Watch, and Apple TV that allows users to download fitness-related videos that will guide them through a variety of exercises.

Your Apple Watch will be used to track progress through Your workout routine, which will show on Your iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV. There will be different types of exercises including running indoors, biking, paddling, stretching, core training, strength training, outdoor walks, dancing, and yoga.

New features for messages
Apple is testing a new set of features for iMessage, and new functionality can be included in iOS 14 updates.

There is a new Slack-like system mentioning that will allow users to mark contacts by their names like @eric. In busy group chats, this feature will allow for mute conversations but receive push notifications when mentioning directly entered.

@Mentions Mockup in messages in iOS 14
Apple is also working on a feature that will pull back iMessages after sending it, with the revocation visible to both sides.

IMessage mockups Disconnect in iOS 14
Typing indicators in a group chat can be included, so you can see who is typing a multi-person chat, and Apple can add support for the command/Me, which is currently limited to a MAC.

Group typing indicator mockups in messages in iOS 14
We may also see new features to mark messages as unread, allowing them to retain unread icons to make them more important so that tasks or requests are not forgotten.

Mockup mark as unread in messages in iOS 14
There was an earlier evidence that Apple was working on the Messages for MAC version of the Catalyst app, and if that’s the case, some of these features can also be used for Macs.

Activity Apps
watchOS 7 will bring child Mode to Apple Watch, and iOS 14 will have an activity app tailored to accommodate new modes. Instead of tracking the active calories burned, the activity app for kids Mode will track the time of movement, a healthier metric for children.

New Augmented Reality App
Apple apparently plans to introduce a new augmented reality app in iOS 14, which is codenamed Gobi. This app is said to allow users to “Get more information about the world around them ” via AR.

The app can display integrations with Apple Stores and Starbucks, which suggests users can do something like holding an iPhone at the Apple Store to view information about the product. The AR experience will be triggered via the QR code tag in that area, and it is possible that Apple’s upcoming iBeacons or AirTags can function as triggers.

Setting a third-party application as Default
Starting in iOS 14, Apple can allow iPhone and iPad users to set third-party mail, browser, and music applications as their default instead of their own Apple apps.

That change will allow apps like Google Chrome and Gmail to set as the default app on your iOS device, so tapping a link or email address won’t open the Apple app itself. That change will also allow the music app used with HomePod to work with Siri, something that’s limited to Apple Music at the moment.

Apple is considering taking this step after being criticized that its own application has an unfair advantage over third-party applications as they are installed by default, cannot be replaced, and often stand out in the App Store. It should be noted that Apple is still in the planning phase with these changes and they may not be implemented.

Sleep Tracking-Health application
The rumored sleep tracking feature for the next generation of Apple Watch will integrate with the Health app on Your iPhone, where users will be able to set personalized sleep goals. The health application will also offer recommendations for improving sleep quality.

Shooting on iPhone photo app integrations
Apple may plan to integrate Shot on iPhone photo challenges into the Photos app, allowing all iPhone owners to submit their photos and see results from challenges in the app.

Apple regularly calls for Shot on iPhone images, holding contests that give the winners cash prizes.

Find My
Find My in iOS 14 will get a new notification feature that will give you a warning when a person does not arrive at a specific location at the scheduled time, so that parents can do something like set a warning when a child arrives at school at any given time.

If the child does not make it to the school at the deadline, an alert will be sent.

Apple Map
Apple Maps can provide additional information for certain businesses in iOS 14, such as certain Genius bar services offered by the Apple Store, movies with IMAX showtimes, and locations with discounts for children.

ICloud Keychain
In iOS 14, iCloud Keychain will include an alert each time the password is reused, which should help encourage users to choose a different password for each login.

Apple also seems to add a way to store two-factor authentication passwords, which may allow the CliCloud Keychain to generate two-factor authentication codes to prevent the need for two-factor authentication applications.

Apple is working on new features that will allow third-party users to interact with certain content and experiences in third-party applications without the need to install these applications through a feature that is named Apple code “clips. ”

“Clip ” is designed to allow the user to scan a QR code that links to an application and then interact with the content of that app through a floating card on the screen. The card will offer the option to download the full version of the app from the App Store or open the content in the app if it is already installed.

Android has a similar feature called “slice ” which is a UI template that can display rich and interactive content from apps in Google Search and other places like Google Assistant.

Apple is said to be testing the clips feature with OpenTable, Yelp, DoorDash, YouTube, and the PS4 Second Screen app from Sony.

Apple Pencil Updates
iOS 14 can include a new PencilKit feature that will allow users to write text in any text input field using Apple Pencil, with handwriting content then converted to standard text before being sent.

So, for example, you might be able to tap into the message text field with Apple Pencil, write a message to someone, convert it to a more readable text, and then send it.

The new PencilKit feature seems to work with any text input fields in iOS, making it compatible with messages, notes, reminders, Mail, and more.

New HomeKit Features
Some new HomeKit features are in progress, and these can be introduced in iOS 14 updates.

Night Shift for Lights
One feature, Night Shift for Lights, allows HomeKit to adjust the color temperature of the lamp connected to HomeKit based on time. At the beginning of the day, the light will be set with a bluer lighting to match the outer light of the sun, but at night, the light shifts to a warmer tone.

This is essentially a light-based version of the Night Shift feature available for MAC and iOS devices that reduces exposure to blue light.

Face recognition for cameras
The new HomeKit Secure Video feature adds people’s identification, which may allow a security camera to detect a specific person, distinguishing people in a family from strangers. HomeKit Secure Video already supports the introduction of objects for things like people, animals, and vehicles.

Other notable features
Custom Sound Synthesis
Apple seems to be exploring ways to allow developers to provide custom sound synthesizers on iOS through a new framework called VoiceProvider.

Voice synthesizer extensions will be bundled with apps from the App Store and can then be used to replace default speech sounds, potentially important features for languages and dialects that Apple doesn’t support.

Third party Wallpaper Package
Apple may be planning to introduce support for third-party wallpaper packages in iOS 14, which will allow developers to make wallpaper options for the iPhone that will be able to be installed via the Wallpaper section of the Settings app.

Wallpaper settings in iOS 14
Apple is said to apply the wallpaper category which will allow users to sort out the available wallpaper options better.

Accessibility update
iOS 14 can include accessibility updates, such as features that will detect sounds such as fire alarms, door taps, doorbells and more for people with hearing problems.

There may also be a feature that allows the camera to detect hand gestures, and Apple may introduce an Audio accommodation that improves the audio enhancements of AirPods or EarPods for people with mild to moderate hearing loss.

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